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A garden is its own universe a small paradise with a unique atmosphere.

I have chosen Renoir’s garden in Cagnes-sur-mer because of its oliver trees, they distress me deeply.

I came upon this garden in Spring, the greens were intense and luminous.
The oliver trees seemed to dance in front of us, stretching their long branches towards the sky, reminding us that they are tonic and alive. Oliver trees have been standing for centuries and recall our mortal condition.

Their attitude, strange and tormented, expressions reach a state of grace.
Oliver trees can be read like clouds…
Time is passing.

Men care for each tree, the ground is ploughed for better drainage, branches are cut and the oliver trees stretch their stumps to the sky : anger or victory expression?

The oliver trees live in the garden, the Mexican orange trees are their friends, I inhale their strong parfume.

This is a small paradise where time slowly goes by.
The olivers trees are watching us.

Chantal Rouxel July 2010.