Chantal loves the word that goes in the direction of the sun.

Painting for her is pronouncing color, dreams that carries the reality of some landscapes where the heart becomes musical.

Moreover, her brushes are always accompanied by beautiful sound vibrations : She always paints while listening to music. It is a beautiful hideaway that echoes the ephemeral garden what the journey of the creative act is in the moment.

Each painting is for her a dawn, a twilight, a new day constantly repeated against chaos.

In her quest to share a peaceful time, it brings together a look in mosaics, where the cutting canvases series is an expression of a carressing space as an open hand on the horizon, a beneficent light that only dreams, virgin spring and fresh look can be sent to us: the simple beauty of a real vision by the freshness  is based on her stubborn willingness to paint "naively" the precious time and a feeling of true love.

She loves the sky, the magic of space (clouds), she loves the water, Vivaldi, femininity, curve (Venice), like the male-female pair, vertical-horizontal (New York), she loves the earth as foster breast (Tuscany), she loves poetry (in Renoir), the precious (the pattern, decorative). It is a travel on the verb "to love", as a meticulous embroidery that every day deserves her hope.

The hope, a wish that Chantal wants to protect by her paintings, such a shelter against hysteria protecting the bare fragile beauty.

She wants to preserve the pleasure of this journey guided by the serene joy to feed the sweet taste of the best memories as a beneficial addition. This is the bet of the sensual act of painting.

She finds inspiration in the Renaissance, Naïve Art, Japonism, " Art Brut", the illuminations, miniatures, surrealism and not forgetting Hooper, Balthus and many others, add music, which constantly accompanies her in a picturial development of each moment.